Updates to The Joints Listings

I realized awhile back that I’ve been to a couple dozen places that I’ve not found the time or energy to review fully, so at long last I’ve started the task of updating The Joints page to include more mini-reviews (a couple sentences and a letter grade).  Going forward I’ll keep adding these brief summaries on The Joints page, and eventually I’ll at least post some pictures of each of the places, in lieu of full reviews.  As always, drop me a line or leave a comment if there is a place I’ve yet to visit that you believe I should.

2 Responses

  1. You might try Midwood Smokehouse in Charlotte. They advertise BBQ cooked in wood-fired smokers, no gas or electricity involved:


  2. Midwood is good for Charlotte, definitely the best I’ve had but definitely not on the level of the best joints in the state.

    On your Joints page you can remove Outlaw BBQ Shack in Matthews (actually Monroe) since its closed.

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