End of the Road(kill) for Rick Perry’s Campaign

Don’t be tempted by the devil’s offerings…

I was saving this juicy barbe-political story for closer to the Republican primaries, but the News & Observer couldn’t resist and scooped me. Oh well, it’s a pig eat pig world in barbecue journalism.

As described in yesterday’s N&O Dome politics blog: “According to ‘Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue,’ in 1992  when [Rick] Perry was a promising Texas politician but not yet governor, he tried some  Eastern North Carolina barbecue from King’s of Kinston, which was served at the  Republican National Convention in Houston.  ‘I’ve had road kill that tasted better than that,’ Perry was quoted as  saying.”

That may well be a quote Rick Perry lives to regret, and not just because he freely admits to dining on road kill.  (Since Perry strikes me as a bit of a vulture, his carrion-based diet is not all that surprising.)  Unless Perry can prove that in Texas there are a lot of delicious road killed beef briskets littering the highways, he’d better prepare a written apology to the people of North Carolina for insulting our beloved state dish.  Mitt, if you’re listening, this could be your big chance since your attempts to point out that Rick Perry is a lunatic thus far appear to be falling on deaf ears.

10 Responses

  1. This story has gone viral. Google “road kill that tasted better” (with the quotation marks) and see how many hits you get.
    We didn’t cite our source for this quote in HOLY SMOKE — it’s not that kind of book — and I’d forgotten where we found it, but John Blythe tracked it down and put the appropriate credits on his terrific North Caroliniana blog: http://www.lib.unc.edu/blogs/ncm/index.php/2011/09/22/can-rick-perry-learn-to-love-real-barbecue/
    He’s also got links to comments by people at King’s and at Smithfield Chicken ‘n’ Barbecue.

  2. Maybe he wasn’t making a comment on NC BBQ in general but expressing the opinion of many others of how bad King’s BBQ could be. Compounding the problem is Smithfield’s sends him some of their mediocre BBQ.

  3. That picture is truly frightening! “Come on, Tarheels, just a little bit of brisket . . . it won’t hurt you!”

  4. I actually sent an email to the address on Perry’s campaign website suggesting that he should say “I was just repeating what I heard someone from Lexington say about eastern-style.”
    I’m angling for a consultant fee.

  5. Ha, nice work John. You are a regular James Carville (or Karl Rove, if you prefer)!

  6. How about Lee Atwater — the man who put George Bush I in the White House and Memphis-style ribs in Arlington? (You’re probably too young to remember.)

  7. For the record: Google hits on the phrase “road kill that tasted better” have gone from 36 (right after the N&O article) to 10,100 (this morning).

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