Our Barbecue Brethren

And you thought we were the only ones!

When our operative in New York–OK, John Shelton Reed–sent us this photo of the first other pig with yarmulke we’d seen, we were intrigued with a capital J.

Meet our sorta-kosher 'cue compadres

Meet our sorta-kosher 'cue compadres

After a bit of digging, we learned that this barbecue crew is the Semitic wing of Ubon’s Barbecue, of Yazoo City, Mississippi. Huh?

You can read the full story here, but the gist is this: Ubon’s has competed in the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party since 2004. David Rosen, a New York City guy (ahem), struck up a conversation with a member of the Ubon’s cooking team.

They guys struck up a friendship, which led to Rosen and some friends attending the Memphis in May “World” BBQ Championships. There, Rosen and his crew solidified the relationship and their love of the divine swine.

The four Jewish guys from NYC helped the Ubon’s team when it returned to New York in 2008 and went out on their own at the 2009 Memphis in May, in the “Patio Porkers Division.” Stunningly, they took fourth place in their division!

We’ll have an interview with Jubon’s David Rosen in the coming weeks, once he returns from a Caribbean spice scouting mission (aka a vacation).

For now, we’ll leave your sure-to-be-warmed heart with yet more heart warming:

When asked what a Jubon’s is, David replied “We’re four Jewish kids from New York City cooking barbeque in the Deep South — At least the salt is kosher!”

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